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    Does REG REVIEW have direct experience with the ASBOG® exam?
    In anticipation of the State of California adopting the ASBOG® exam in 2000, we took the ASBOG® exam to analyze the content, the approach, the emphasis, and the emotional well being of the examinees in order to be sure the information we taught and the materials we sold were applicable to the exam. We later hired as an instructor a student of ours who passed the ASBOG® exam immediately after taking our course. Unlike some of our competitors, we feel it is unethical to represent that we know something about an exam we have never seen.
    When should I begin to study?
    In a perfect world you would begin studying at least 6 months in advance of the exam. If you have a lot of free time it can be accomplished in a couple of months but for people with normal jobs (10-12+ hours a day) and particularly if travel is involved it is recommended you allow at least 6 months. Of particular concern is the summer because it is peak field season for many parts of the country.
    What are your pass rates as compared to the national pass rate?
    The pass rates of our students for both the exams have never been less than 85%, or about 25% higher than the national pass rates, and sometimes as high as 99% passing. Pass rates for our students for the October, 2008 and the March, 2009 exams were 95%.
    Do you offer Continuing Educations Units (CEU's)?
    No but we will provide upon request Proof of Attendance certificates that will describe the date and hours of attendance. These certificates are usually adequate for state requirements for continuing education. Most states will accept hour for hour value for continuing education requirements for maintaining your license while others require CEU Certificates. Check with your state.

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