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      REG REVIEW Courses are offered both as a live webinar and regionally throughout the U.S. in order to be accessable to the most people possible. Due to the risk of travel interruptions due to inclement weather and the subsequent airport delays or closures during the winter, all winter courses will be taught as a live webinar. We have added a number of live webinars throughout the year to help people who plan ahead. Summer courses are held in locations where we have the most customers based on demand. Check our schedule for these dates. We try to teach in 2 or 3 east coast states, 2 central U.S. states, and 2 west coast states each summer. All course locations are in close proximity to airports, most are held at hotels with airport shuttles and have a block of discounted sleeping rooms.

      Our courses are the only courses in which ALL instructors are licensed by examination. We don't feel it is ethical to claim to prepare people properly for an examination we have no experience with.

      PLAN AHEAD, you cannot cram for these exams! Webinars begin 4 months before the exams and onsite courses begin approximately 2 months before each exam. Ideally you will begin preparing at least 6 months ahead. Our courses are designed to give you focus and direction to make your studying process efficient. Books are all sent when you register so you can use them prior to the courses.

Our courses are offered throughout the U.S. twice a year in advance of each of the exam administrations.

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