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  • Ideally you would begin studying about 6 months in advance. The course gives you the focus and direction needed to streamline your studying process.

  • Don't wait to hear if you have been accepted to take the exam because in most states acceptance letters typically come out 2 to 4 weeks before the exam. Plan ahead.


Keep in mind that by the time you receive your acceptance to take the exam it is likely our courses will be over. Get started early!

      REG REVIEW, Inc. is the leading provider of courses and study aids for the National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exam. We have been providing this service to over 17,000 customers since 1985 with tremendous success. We give you the focus and direction to streamline your studying process to be able to address your deficiencies in an organized and efficient manner. Our students report a pass rate that is 20 to 25% higher than the national pass rate and has been as high as 99%. Our courses are only offered as webinars.

PLAN AHEAD, you cannot cram for these exams!

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