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      REG REVIEW, Inc. is the principal provider of courses and study aids for people striving to become a Professional Geologist (PG), a Registered Geologist (RG), or a Licensed Professional Geologist (LPG). We are the leader in providing instruction and the sole provider of comprehensive study manuals and flashcards for the National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exam and the Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Certification Exams. We have sold over 15,000 sets of Study Manuals, and taught over 7000 students since 1985 when we first began. Our study aids are sought after for reference as well as for exam preparation.

      Unlike many other providers of courses for the ASBOG® exam, REG REVIEW feels that in order to provide a course that is reflective of the exam topic emphasis, approach, and structure, it is important to have direct experience with the ASBOG® exam and the exam process. Therefore, REG REVIEW did not direct their courses to the ASBOG® exam until an instructor had taken and passed it. However, it is REG REVIEW's policy to present study materials and course content similar to the style and subject content of the exams while not compromising the integrity of the examination questions, of which we have no specific knowledge.

      Our Study Manuals cover basic geologic principles in an easy-to-read, step-by-step text. Techniques are illustrated by numerous graphics and tables. Reading lists and sources are cited for additional research. Our Practice Quizzes Book contains original problems/questions with answers. All books are updated periodically for currency. Updates are usually available at a nominal charge to those who originally bought the books. Flash Cards present, in an easy to carry format and size, the regulations, key terms and definitions.

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