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      REG REVIEW, Inc. has developed five Study Manuals and two sets of Flashcards that meet the needs of most examinees for the ASBOG® Exam, the California Specific Exam, and the California CEG and CHG Certification exams. Unique to our study aids are the answers which are provided to all problems. Problems are provided to illustrate the geologic concepts in order to better understand the material that may be presented on the exams. The exams themselves only have 15 - 25% problem solving or map/graphics interpretation. The Appendices contain an Annotated Reading List, Internet Sources, a Supplemental Structural Geology appendix, and complete answers to all chapter questions. All books sold are the most recent versions. All study materials are updated periodically and Updates are made available to past purchasers at a nominal price (essentially at cost). We have been providing this support since 1985 with tremendous success.

      All study manuals and flashcards are available to anyone. Course registration is not required though the pertinent books are all included in the course registration price. You can order online, by fax or by mail with a check.

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