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Engineering Geology Certification Exam Links -- (Current as of 7/8/19)
All references noted with an * are Board Suggested References

CA Board - Exam Blueprint/Reference List -
Engineering Geology Exam Outline
CEG Examination Reference List
Guidelines for Reports - (see also Seismic Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines)
Guidelines for Reviewing Geologic Reports - California Geological Survey Note 41
Guidelines For Preparing Geologic Reports For Regional-Scale Environmental & Resource Management Planning - California Geological Survey Note 52
Guidelines For Engineering Geologic Reports For Timber Harvesting Plans - California Geological Survey Note 45
Suggestions to Authors of Reports of the U.S. Geological Survey
Engineering Geology Links -
Grouting and Cement Aggregate
Portland Cement - Concrete Pavement
Grouting Methods
The Landslides Handbook
- USGS Circular 1325 Engineering Geology Field Manual
* Caltrans - Soil and Rock Logging, Classification and Presentation Manual
* Soil Mechanics Design Manual 7.01
Seismic Hazards Links -
California's Hospital Seismic Safety Law
Focal Mechanisms (Beachball Theory)
Significant California Earthquakes
Seismic Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines -
* Special Publication 42 - Fault Rupture Hazard Zones in California Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act (2018)
* Special Publication 117A: Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards in California (2008)
Special Publication 118: Recommended Criteria for Delineating Seismic Hazard Zones in California (2004)
Recommended Procedures for Implementation of DMG Special Publication 117: Guidelines for Analyzing and Mitigating Liquefaction Hazards in California
Recommended Procedures for Implementation of DMG Special Publication 117: Guidelines for Analyzing and Mitigating Landslide Hazards in California
CGS Seismic Hazards Program
Seismic Hazards Mapping Act
CGS Note 48 - Checklist for the Review of Engineering Geology and Seismology Reports for California Public Schools, Hospitals, and Essential Services Buildings
CGS Note 49 - Guidelines for Evaluating the Hazard of Surface Fault Rupture
Hydrogeology Links -
Heath - Basic Ground-Water Hydrology: Water Supply Paper 2220
Hem - Study and Interpretation of the Chemical Characteristics of Natural Water: Water Supply Paper 2254
Keys - Borehole Geophysics Applied to Ground-Water Investigations: Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations, Book 2, Chapter E-2
California Hydrogeology Links -
CA DWR Bulletin 118
CA DWR Bulletin 118 - California’s Groundwater (Update 2003)
California Water Plan Update (2018)
CA Groundwater Management
Groundwater Management Program
CA Policy for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Hydrogeology Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines -
California Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines -
California Water Code
Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act 1998 (changes as of 2018)
Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)
California Drinking Water Standards
California Well Standards
CCR Title 23 - Division 3 - Chapter 15 - California Code of Regulations - Discharges of Hazardous Waste to Land
CCR Title 23 - Division 3 - Chapter 16 - California Code of Regulations - Underground Tank Regulations
* CCR Title 27 - California Code of Regulations - Environmental Protection, Solid Waste
CA Underground Injection Control Regulations
U.S. Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines -
EPA - Environmental Laws
U.S. Drinking Water Standards
Wellhead Protection: A Guide for Small Communities
EPA Septic Systems - Guidance, Manuals and Policies
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual (2002)
Abandoned Mine Site Characterization and Cleanup Handbook
Protecting Underground Sources of Drinking Water from Underground Injection (UIC)
Plugging and Abandoning Injection Wells
Brownfields Info
Other California Laws, Regulations and Standards -
* ASTM D1587 - 15 - Standard Practice for Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Soils for Geotechnical Purposes
* California Public Resources Code - Board did not specify what part of the code
* CCR Title 5, Division 1, Chapter 13, Subchapter 1 School Facilities Construction
* Cal/OSHA, CCR Title 8 - Board did not specify what part of the code but would suggest
Title 8, Subchapter 4, Article 6 - Construction Safety Orders
* CCR Title 14 California Code of Regulations - Natural Resources
* CCR Title 24 - California Building Standards Code - Part 2, Volume 2, Chapters 16, 16A, 18, 18A, and Appendix J
General Geology Links -
Topographic Map Symbols
Map Scales
USGS Geologic Time Scale
Remote Sensing - Landsat
Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images
* Structural Geology - Ragan 4th Edition
Professional Practice and Ethics Guidelines -
California's Code of Professional Standards - CCR Title 16, Sec. 3065 et seq.
AEG Professional Practice Handbook
AGI Guidelines for Ethical Professional Conduct
AIPG Code of Ethics

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