Study Aids & Courses for the National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exam,
the California Specific Exam and
the Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology Certification Exams


    What study aids are recommended?
    Recommended for 2021 Purchasers:
    ASBOG® Exam:
  • 2021 Geology Study Manual for the National (ASBOG®)Geology Licensing Exam,
  • 2020 Practice Quizzes Book, and
  • 2005 Flashcards for the ASBOG® Exam

  • ASBOG® + California Supplemental Exams:
  • 2021 Geology Study Manual for the National (ASBOG®)Geology Licensing Exam,
  • 2020 Practice Quizzes Book,
  • 2019 California Geology Study Manual, and
  • 2005 Flashcards for the ASBOG® Exam

  • California Specific Exam:
  • 2019 California Geology Study Manual

  • CEG Exam:
  • 2015 Engineering Geology Study Manual

  • CHG Exam:
  • 2018 Hydrogeology Study Manual and
  • 2002 CHG Flashcards
    Should I buy the books first then sign up for a course later?
    No, if you are sure you want to take a course you should register for the course because the books are included in the course price. You are certainly welcome to order them first, but it makes more sense to register for the course. The books are mailed when you register so you would get them earlier than the course anyway. If you have bought the books first there is a discount up to 80% of what you paid depending on which version of the books you have purchased.
    Is there a discount if I have already bought the books?
    Yes, there is a discount up to 80% of what you paid depending on which version of the books you have purchased.To review the maximum discounts please go to the Discount/Credit/Cancellation Policies link.
    Can I ask questions if I am having trouble understanding something?
    You are free to email with questions but it is difficult to answer these types of questions without being in the same place. This is why we highly recommend finding someone to study with because you would make a good sounding board for one another.
    How quickly do the books get shipped?
    Generally books for both the course registrations and the book orders are shipped the next day after the order is received. If we are traveling to teach or on the rare circumstance that I get a few days off, the books are generally shipped once a week due to the travel schedule. PLAN AHEAD!
    Do you use questions that have been on past exams?
    No, it is illegal and unethical to do so. Our materials are a culmination of experience and feedback. We strive to provide the topic material in the format and topic emphasis stated in the Blueprint provided by ASBOG® in their Candidate Handbook. When we receive feedback we incorporate it into new text that addresses the topic as a whole to provide the background and technical information to allow you to have the knowledge base to answer a variety of questions on the topic.
    Do you just review the material in the study manuals during the course?
    No, we use a set of course notes, that you will receive with your study manuals and are reserved exclusively for our students, to trigger us to talk about the needed topics. We do refer to specific figures and tables in the study manual as we go along but we do not specifically teach from the manual.
    Do you guarantee a passing score if I buy your study manuals?
    No, because we can't control how much effort you put into the studying process. Our purpose is to give you the focus, direction and emphasis so you can then ascertain what it is that you need to follow up with depending on your education and experience. However, though we don't keep statistics for the purchasers of our study manuals alone (people who have not taken the course), the pass rates of our students for both exams have never been less than 85%, or about 25% higher than the national pass rates, and sometimes as high as 99% passing.
    How do your materials compare to the other publications out there?
    Our study manuals are the most comprehensive materials available. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and though our materials are not cheap they are thorough (500+ pages including sample problems - all with answers provided, graphical representations, properly referenced material, etc.) and the feedback we have received from our customers is very positive.

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