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    The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG), established in 1957, is a professional association which serves professionals in engineering, environmental, and groundwater geology. Membership in AEG has many benefits.

    Because you have qualified to take the registration/certification exams you would also qualify to become an AEG member. Benefits include the peer reviewed Environmental and Engineering Geoscience Bulletin, the AEG Newsletter, professional Short Courses, Field Trips, monthly Section meetings and a forum in which to network with your fellow colleagues.

    For more information on AEG Membership benefits and services or to read or download membership information or application forms contact the AEG Headquarters at (844) 331-7867 or through the Internet at You may also apply for membership online at Join AEG Now. If you apply online you will need to contact AEG for your credit.

    AEG has 27 Chapters of the Association U.S.-wide. To determine in which Chapter you reside and to view the chapter website, please go to AEG Chapters Overview. This will give you information on the officers for that Chapter and a website connection to get more information.

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