Study Aids & Courses for the National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exam,
the California Specific Exam and
the Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology Certification Exams


  • 2021 marks the 37nd year that REG REVIEW, Inc. has been providing review courses and manuals for geology licensing. U.S. wide, over 6000 geologists have taken the REG REVIEW course.
  • The pass rate for REG REVIEW students ranges from 85 to 99% passing, averaging more than 25% ahead of the national average and always ahead of every ASBOG® state's pass rate.
  • REG REVIEW updates our courses and manuals periodically to keep abreast of changes to the ASBOG® exam.
  • REG REVIEW provides live webinar courses that are 10 hours long and are designed to reduce travel time and expense for our students.
  • REG REVIEW provides timely courses allowing adequate study time for the subsequent exam. In the time leading up to each exam REG REVIEW teaches webinars every 3 weeks.
  • REG REVIEW publishes the only comprehensive study manuals publically available in the U.S. for the ASBOG® exam.
  • Time is precious and expensive and REG REVIEW realized years ago that valuable class time is best not wasted on in-class quizzes. Therefore, we provide representative ASBOG® exam style and length quizzes with answers in our Practice Quizzes Book (which is included in the course price) that can be taken on your own time.
  • None of REG REVIEW's instructors grandfathered their registration and may be the only providers of courses whose instructors are ALL licensed through examination and with direct ASBOG® exam experience.
  • Can provide Proof of Attendance certificates that are valid in most states for state level requirements to maintain your license.

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