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  • "The webinar honestly helped me out tremendously - sure there were topics on the exam that no one would ever be able to predict but the webinar helped me become a better test taker and the strategies I acquired will help me even beyond the ASBOG process. Thank you again for giving me the proper tools to pass this challenging exam." C.B., Indiana, 5/2019
  • "Really truly a great course. You guys are doing a wonderful thing and providing traction for young Geologists in their career. Often so much experience comes from consulting sectors that don't aid in career development. Also, sifting thru the study resources really creates excitement for all the opportunities out there." A.C., Washington, 5/2019
  • "Great review courses and materials/study aids! I really appreciate all the work you put into the courses and materials, it definitely helped my study process." J.M., California, 12/2017
  • "Thank you for offering the REGReview service. Without your materials and practice exams, I probably would've had to repeat this ordeal. I will recommend your service to friends who are considering the FG/PG in the near term." A.H., California, 12/2017
  • "I found out about REG Review after the on-site review courses had passed. So I enrolled in the webinar shortly before it was offered. I was very pleased with the webinar and the study materials. The practice tests were very helpful as well. I read a few of the books listed as additional resources as well. After taking both the FG and PG in the same day, I can say that I would not have been adequately prepared had I not enrolled in the REG Review webinar and used the study materials. You have developed a very good product. I will certainly inform upcoming geologists about REG Review." E.H., New Mexico, 12/2017
  • "Taking the online Reg Review course was extremely helpful. It helped me narrow down what I should really focus on and explained some concepts I did not fully understand." R.G., Oregon, 12/2017
  • "I barely passed, low 70s on both exams, after studying harder and smarter for this test than anything in my life. I don't think I would have passed it without the Reg Review materials." M.H., South Carolina, 12/2012
  • "My score was an 80 for FG and 82 for PG. I had over 100 hours of studying from April 2012 to the exam date. The studying was intense for I had to learn material I had never learned or relearn what I have never used since college. Possibly the case for most. I truly did enjoy the learning and feel much more well rounded, though I have been humbled by the diversity of geological knowledge out in the world and feel I almost know less, relatively. Taking the Reg Review Course was undoubtedly a wise choice for me." H.H., Maine, 12/2012
  • "This was my second time to take the test and I am pretty sure I would not of passed had I not reviewed the Reg Review study guide or taken the class. Thanks so much!" L.A., Texas, 12/2012
  • "Thanks, really great course and study guides. I know I was better prepared for these exams because of REG Review's materials. Thanks again!" A.K., Washington, 12/2012
  • "The PG practice exam questions format were not realistic to what I experienced on the test." J.C., Florida, 12/2012
  • "Your class was instrumental in my passing of the exam. The study guide provides the basis for all of the required knowledge as a Professional Geologist. In addition, the class was presented in a way that provided the maximum benefit for the student. I am thoroughly impressed with your work." S.W., Florida, 12/2012
  • "I got the second highest score on the FG! The one person who scored above me had the California Study guide. The PG I scored in the top half. There were about 14 people who took it in Indiana when I took it. Thank you! I could not have done it without your study guide and class! Thanks. The materials and course work are excellent. Your personal instruction effort was well above average." R.K., Indiana, 12/2012
  • "For the most part the course prepared me for the exam, except for some details - but if you tried to include all the details on everything, your already comprehensive course and study materials would be unmanageable. Thank you so much for creating REG REVIEW, the study materials and course were invaluable as a way of condensing an enormous amount of material into something maneageable - without them studying would have been much more difficult." A.G., New Jersey
  • "Well thanks again for your study materials. I used your materials for my California PG exam last year and passed on the first try. Then last November I purchased your CEG book and flashcards. Well I passed that one too. "M.T., Northern California
  • "Thanks so much for the course and manual. I would surely have done poorly without them. Your \ course is really great and I appreciate all your hard work in putting it together." P.Z., Washington
  • "Thanks for your class. It was well worth it." A.T., Colorado
  • "Thanks for all your help. Probably wouldn't have passed without the help." N.S., Northern California
  • "Thanks. The materials and course work are excellent. Your personal instruction effort was well above average. I had been away from geology since college, 25 years, so preparation was key." G.R., Nebraska
  • "Thanks so much for the review materials. They definitely prepared me to pass this exam. Without them, I do not know if I would have done as well as I did. Thanks again for the service and materials!" S.J., Northern California
  • "I believe the class and study materials helped focus my attention to areas that need review and practice,especially the practice tests." S.B., Nevada
  • "Worked out well. Thanks for your class; I think it helped a lot in providing a road map to focus my study." J.Z., Northern California
  • "I think REG REVIEW is a good solid geology course and I would recommend it. However, if future exams are going to cover the full spectrum of geological and geo-related topics to the detail that we were tested on the PG exam you will need to expand your course" T.B., Northern California
  • "You two did a great job at summarizing the study manual and adding extra content that was just as relevant." T.W., Southern California
  • "All in all, I thought your review books were very helpful -- I wouldn't have passed without them. So, thank you for putting these materials together!" M.S., Southern California.

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