Study Aids & Courses for the National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exam,
the California Specific Exam and
the Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology Certification Exams



    The National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exam is the only exam currently being administered in the states that have geology licensing by examination. Different states call their licensed geologists different names. These are defined as follows: LG is a Licensed Geologist, RG is a Registered Geologist, PG is a Professional Geologist. All of these designations imply geology licensing by grandfathering or by examination for all of the 32 states with registration by examination. These designations are not to be confused with the designations of FG for the Fundamentals of Geology exam and PG for the Practice of Geology exam which is how the two portions of the ASBOG® exam are described.

    The ASBOG® exams are both 4 hour exams and are usually administered mid-March and the first Friday in October. The FG is given in the morning from 8am until noon and the PG is given from 1pm to 5pm. Additional information about the exam can be found in the ASBOG® Candidate Handbook which can be reviewed on the ASBOG® website (

    Application deadlines vary by state - some are as early as 120 days prior to the exam administration. You need to check with your specific state for their application deadline. Applications received after the individual state deadlines will be automatically pushed to the following exam. It is recommended that you get your applications in early to ensure that all the required supplemental materials reach your state board in time.


    Two states, California and Maine, have an additional exam specific to the geology of that state. These exams are designed to address the geological conditions and regulations specific to the states for topics that are not specifically or adequately addressed by the ASBOG® exams.


    The three west coast states have certification in the specialities of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology. In order to obtain this speciality certification you must first pass the ASBOG® exam and be licensed in the particular state. In California, the California Specific exam must also be passed. These certification exams are designed to address the fields of engineering geology and hydrogeology with more detailed geological conditions particular to the region and the regulations specific to the states.

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