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    Complete Set of Manuals for the ASBOG® Exam -- $160
    (2015 Geology Study Manual for the National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exams and 2012 Practice Quizzes)

    Complete Set of Manuals for the ASBOG® and California Specific Exams -- $255
    (2015 Geology Study Manual for the National (ASBOG®) Geology Licensing Exams, 2019 California Geology Study Manual, and 2012 Practice Quizzes)

FLASH CARDS: **Not included in course price or complete set prices.**

Flash Cards for the ASBOG® Exam -- $32

CHG Flash Cards -- $20
CHG Flashcards are all included in the ASBOG® Flashcard set. If you ordered the ASBOG® flashcards you should not order the CHG flashcards because they will be duplicated.
COURSE NOTES: **A limited number of course notes from past courses may be available for sale when available. These are generally only available to course registrants.**' SOLD OUT

Course Notes, 2018 version -- $30

UPDATES: You may only order updates if you have purchased prior versions of the books, subject to verification.
Please note: not all manuals are updated every year.

Updates to the ASBOG® Study Manuals:

2015 Updates to the 2014 ASBOG® Study Manual -- $free (emailed as a pdf)
If you are not ordering anything else besides the 2015 to 2014 updates you can email an order for them
because paypal doesn't allow $0 transactions

2015 Updates to the 2012 ASBOG® Study Manual -- $25

2015 Updates to the 2011 ASBOG® Study Manual -- $45

2012 Updates to the 2008 Practice Quizzes Book -- $20

Updates to the California Specific Exam Manual:

2019 Updates to the 2015 California Specific Exam Manual -- $50

Updates to the CEG & CHG Manuals:

2015 Updates to the 2009 Engineering Geology Study Manual -- $60

Study Manuals Ordered Separately:
**Do not order if you are registering for a class**

2015 ASBOG® Study Manual -- $125

2012 Practice Quizzes -- $40

2019 California Geology Manual -- $100

Certification Exam Study Manuals:
**Do not order if you are registering for a class.**

2018 Hydrogeology Certification Study Manual -- $110

2015 Engineering Geology Certification Study Manual -- $120

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